Saturday, February 6, 2010

3-D basket weave

Found this splendid and tedious project HERE but it's soooo cute finished, I just couldn't pass this up for this months club project! and really who wouldn't LOVE to get this little basket filled with tiny little note cards to sit on their desk or next to their computer??
Using 4 Bigz Scallop Envelope pieces to make the foundation of the box and STICKY STRIP (it's a MUST with 3-D projects!) I then measured the outside of the box and came up with the following measurements to make the basket weave.

You'll need 8 strips of 7-3/4"X3/4" card stock and 2 strips of 3/4"X14" card stock (for the top weave of the box) now HOW do you get a 14" piece of card stock since the biggest you can get is a 12"??, use a 2-1/2"X3/4" piece and sticky strip it together!! :) PERFECTO

Once you get a few of the strips woven together...use your fingers ladies, ALL of them!! :) it's easier to weave the rest of the 8 strips that are the same size. Once you have this base done, run sticky strip across the bottom of the weave, turn your box over and stick the weave onto the bottom of your box. (you'll still have the 2 long strips, you haven't worked with yet) Once it's stuck, flip your box back over and bend the overhanging strips up toward the top of the box, then you can start weaving the longer strips through these...again, use your fingers. Only stick one end of the long strip (to keep it in place) to the box so you can weave it through without it popping back out again. Do the same with the 2nd long strip (you may have to cut a bit off of these 2 strips BUT don't do that until you are certain you don't need the extra length) once you have each separate long strip woven, stick the other side down with sticky strip and then adhere the (PINK) flaps down with sticky strip to cover the weave at the top. Once this is done, use your Crop-A-Dile and embellish one side of the box with some bling (or don't, it's up to you!) and work on your 3X3 cards to place inside. Isn't it SWEET???

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B said...

These are gorgeous.