Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We have SO very much to be Thankful for this holiday season. But it's the simple things in life we all don't realize could make such a big impact on another person's life. Clothes, Food, A Roof over our heads, Warm Blankets, Shoes, Water...these are the things I am thankful for along with my Dear Husband (who provides so much for our family and who loves me for ME), My Children (who make me laugh and cover me with love and snuggles daily), My Friends (Near and Far, who make me a better person, listen when I need to chat, make me laugh from my gut and cheer me up on blue days), My Family (whom I have been able to grow closer to the older I get and who knows my most embarrassing secrets).

I am thankful for all the MEN & WOMEN who are away from their families fighting to KEEP our country FREE so that we can be with our Families over yet another holiday season, THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my HEART!!!

I am thankful for my Grandparents, they made such an impact on my life and continue to do so from heaven-I miss them terribly...

I am thankful for my creative outlet of Stamping and ever growing hobby allows me an outlet to be ME and to be CREATIVE, which helps one to NOT go insane, ha!

I am thankful for our two furry girls, Satine & Kowe, they have blessed our family with so much unconditional love, tail wags, licks and warm snuggles.

I am thankful for my Health and the health of my loved ones...AND I am SO very THANKFUL that Christian and Nie Nie could be with their families this holiday!

What are you Thankful for this holiday season??? When you are all enjoying your turkeys, families and friends around the table...don't forget to say at least ONE thing you are Thankful for today! God Bless!!!

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