Friday, October 28, 2011

Pencil Treats

Not knowing if the schools in Rhode Island allow sugary treats, I picked up some pencils for my kiddos to give out to their friends on Monday. While they stuffed these handy little cellophane bags from SU! I cut the tops and stamped the images they had picked out. For the little witch skirts, Adelaide and I snagged the back of a crafty magazine cut it into strips and then scallop edged the bottom before hand cutting the triangle shapes. Addie glued them on and then wrote her name on the back. She's recently become enamored with the whole "Trick or Treat, smell my feet" ditty, which she learned from school. So, we thought it only appropriate for the ones with feet to say just that! 

 Dair's pencil treats

 Adelaide's pencil treats

1 comment:

jaydee said...

What a fabulous change from candy. The pencils are fabulous, especially topped with the feet! I bet Addie is going to be really popular tomorrow!